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Twinkling Bubble cleansing mask

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1) Feature


Twinkling bubble cleansing mask is Korean high-grade cosmeceutical facial mask

so that customers can have the exellent effect of removing waste in their pore

& especially this facial mask's sheet material is charcoal which is very new trendy style in korea

so that the customers can experience the super elastic feeling & adhesion to face


2) How to use


  1. Open the bubble mask & attach a mask on your full face

  2. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, when the bubble is getting abundant, remove the bubble pack

  3. Massage lightly with resting bubble, then wash your face with warm water

3) Precaution in using

1. stop using the product when you experience the following symptoms. 
If the symptoms is getting worse with the continuous use, Please consult with the dermatologist
 a) If rash, itchiness or irritation is experienced 
2. Please do not use any other skin problem including eczema or dermatitis
3. Precaution in storage
 a) keep the package to be sealed
 b) keep away from the baby & children
 c) keep away from the high or low temperature and the direct sunlight
 d) do not apply to inside of eye


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